IndiAgape is a nonprofit corporation based in the United States for the purpose of connecting companies and individuals with hopeful Indian entrepreneurs towards the goal of creating sustainable jobs and enhancing the daily life of people in the rural area of north-central India (specifically in the state of Madhya Pradesh, and in the Satna District where our American founder lives permanently).


IndiAgape is pronounced in-dee-ah-GAH-pay.

It is comprised of 2 words:  India and Agape.  Agape is the ancient Greek word for love.


We are a not-for-profit corporation formed in Illinois, USA.


Based in India, IndiAmigo Association is a unique "friends of" charitable corporation with whom we work to achieve our mission.

Ron moved entirely to north-central rural India in 2012.  He is married to Swati, an Indian citizen, and they have two children who are Indian citizens. 


Ron’s background was in commercial construction interior development.  He owned a successful construction company that performed work in high-end, Class A office interiors for many companies including Fortune 500’s.  


His interests are in music, art appreciation, history, philosophy, and sports development.  He is an organizational thinker and planner.


The work and lifestyle that Ron had lived in the U.S. gives IndiAgape a unique face and approach in rural India.  His company performed to very high standards in Fortune 500 environments using the finest materials and highly trained union labor.  He also enjoyed an excellent culinary, live music (classical, jazz, etc…), and art.  Therefore, he has added a unique dimension to the life and education of the people in the Nagod area by presenting them with ideas of quality, craftsmanship, expectations, and new thinking methodologies such as systems thinking, design thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, culinary arts, art and music appreciation.   



The Board of Directors is comprised of experts in fields that are complimentary to the areas of focus for IndiAgape, some of whom have spent serious time and effort in India for many years.

Ron Hjertstedt

Executive Director, Founder