Current state:


  • India is on pace to be the most populous country in the world within a very few years. 

  • India is already the world leader in percent of population that is under 25 years of age.

  • There is a need to not only introduce a world of new products and expertise into rural India, but to also attempt to help create local lifestyles that are fully enhanced so that Indian go-getters, professionals, and entrepreneurs will choose to stay in these geographic areas instead of going abroad or to big cities.


IndiAgape, Inc (NFP) is organized to create greater economic and cultural opportunities in rural India through creative education, sustainable environmental care, appreciation of international cooperation and cultural exchange between rural Indians and citizens of the United States.


We do this by organizing and connecting interested individuals, schools, universities, and companies in the United States (and other countries) with specific people and programs in India (specifically in the geographic region of Madhya Pradesh where our American founder lives.


Our founder is there on the ground, day by day, happily mentoring the local, hopeful entrepreneurs, and tending the soil to make sure that the seeds of our efforts take root and become fruitful; that our goals and projects are empathetic to what the local people want and envision.   


In the U.S.A, we are looking for companies, universities, and individuals who wish to: 

  • Enter or enhance their presence in the Indian marketplace

  • Play a key role in helping Indians create local, sustainable job

  • Help organize professional programs wherein American university students can come for periods of time to help mentor local Indians in business, social, and environmental entrepreneurialism.  


This is a key epoch of time in rural India.  Some development is already happening.  The soil is ready to receive the seeds of new ideas, new innovations, new environmental attention, and new entrepreneurs.  we at IndiAgape, Inc (NFP) desire to do our best to channel all the international ideas, products, and professionals to help rural India develop methodically and empathetically.

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USA mobile:  +1.651.705.6766

India mobile:  +91.7049474797

Ron Hjertstedt, Director


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