Baseball's Impact


Ron introduced the game of baseball to the Nagod area five years ago.  


Since then, our Nagod players have gone on to play in district, regional, state, and national tournaments.

Truly an amazing feat -- and a testament both to our adherence to the honor of the official game rules and techniques, and to the talents of our kids.   The people of this area are very skilled, hard-nosed players who love the game.

What we are lacking is infrastructure.   And that is where you can help.

Ron had brought quality equipment five years ago, but with 60 kids sharing the same gloves and bats, we need some new equipment to keep our progression going forward.

We could also use some baseball volunteers coming from America to help in the training process.

Our desire is to make Nagod the center of quality baseball training for our state (with a proper field for constant improvement).

We'd love to have you here helping to spread the game and train quality players.


This is Satish.


Satish is a native of Nagod.

The typical story of a Nagodian is that they'd love to stay back here with family and friends.  Family closeness is a big deal in India.   The bright lights of the big city doesn't often attract these rural folks the way that it often does in other parts of the world.

But, there are few jobs here.

In Satish's case, as is the most common pathway for most folks here in rural India, fathers and sons usually have to leave family behind to make money far away, for long periods of time, in bigger cities.  It puts a lot of stress on families to lose a husband, father, or son for so long.

Satish had worked in the cities.   He was great.   But he has now come back to stay and help.

Satish has some extraordinary talents in the computer technology field, besides being a very effective communicator in English and Hindi.  He knows how to manage projects well, and deal with people in a manner that is proficient in an international sense.

We are helping him create his own business in web design, consultation, technology service, project management, and photography.

Capturing time, being effective and efficient every minute --  for billing and time-management and goal-attainment purposes is what we are hoping to instill in the people who want to reach for higher, international standards.

Satish is now working with IndiAmigo Associates (the Indian "friends of" charity for IndiAgape NFP) as a sub-contractor.  He has become an integral part of our vision, and key person to help us gain traction here in India...especially here in his home town -- the geographical center of our vision.

He has also come on board with our school to teach our students about computers.

Help us continue to educate Satish in the world of web design and entrepreneurialism.   Support us so that we can support Satish in his desire to make Nagod and the surrounding area into a place that people will come, and not want or have to leave.



This is Anshuman


Anshuman comes from a nearby village.   He is a university graduate in Engineering.

But, again, as I see in so many of the younger generation folks here, his true desire is to stay in his work towards making it a better place for the younger generations.

He comes from a family of educators, and he too wants to stay on as a teacher in his village.

Not only does he want to teach, but he wants to create new pathways that ignite the imagination of entrepreneurialism in the village youth.

We're talking about an age-old, pretty archaic, dusty village; and a young man who can move off an go places in this world, but his desire is to stay back with his family and his villagers.

He has tasted what is up and coming here in India, which is a move off of the traditional rote systems of learning.  He has seen the fruits and possibilities of system and design thinking...effective project management, a giving heart, and an honest goal-oriented life.

He wants to pull up his village.   Help it to dream big and attain those dreams.

To do this, however, he needs funds.   He can't just earn a living as a teacher.   He wants to give his time teaching by creating an entrepreneurial career for himself (that will employ others from his village) in the field of agriculture (hydroponics, aquaponics, organics, and especially in ayurvedics).

What a great vision for an area whose water-table has been depleted by over-farming and over-irrigation.

The jungles and forests are being encouraged to return and regrow in our area.

Anshuman's vision can have many impacts.

IndiAgape and IndiAmigo are working towards creating a charitable, educational hydroponic facility to help local farmers migrate their methods in order to save our water supply.